About Our Association

How We Got Started


Dave Roby and others came in contact with a lot of dancers, DJ's, collectors and dance groups (Bop, Shag & Swing) through our travels around the country. All of them had one thing in common and it was the R&B music they played or danced to. The one thing we noticed was that there was no common communication link between them. It seemed to take a year or more for the word to travel from one coast to the other about a great dance song. There was one regional R&B type DJ organization, but they were not very active on the national level. We realize that it's the dancers that make or break a clubs ability to exist. We knew that if there's good music then there will be dancers. The dancers after all are the lifeline on which we DJ's exist. Without them, we DJ's only have some very expensive stereo equipment and lots of great music to listen to at home. So, the bottom line is, help the DJ's gain access to the music as fast as possible and in turn you will please the dancers which will help keep the dance clubs alive.


It was our hopes, that by sharing information about new & old dance music, our good and even bad experiences and stories about the dancers, etc that we all could become more effective as DJ's, collectors and dance clubs. As each of our music libraries becomes more complete and versatile, the more each of us will be able to help the entire R&B dance community grow.


We are not in competition with anyone. We are not a union or a hiring agency and we set no fees. We will make no demands on any social group or commercial establishment to hire our members. Our only desire and intention is to share the collective knowledge and experience of our membership with all of our members. In doing this, we hope it will make the R&B music and dance community a better place for all of us to have fun dancing.

NARBDJ's Mission

A. To provide a National Network of Communication between DeeJay's with a similar interest.


B. To generate News and Information about the Association, it's members, the music they play and the people who dance to it.


C. To establish a System for Honoring those who have Promoted, Preserved and Perpetuated Rhythm & Blues music with distinction.


D. To Acknowledge and Support the importance of each members actions as well as the combined actions of the total membership.


E. To encourage Mutual Cooperation and camaraderie between all types of DeeJay's and R&B associations.