By-Laws Comments
Mike Hall, President, NAR&BDJS


All Members,


It’s taken many years for me to produce the new by-laws with the help of the Board. Many versions have come and gone, but, this past February, after being downsized by my company, created a time period where I could concentrate on rewriting the originals to better reflect today’s vernacular.


After several attempts, I sent the proposed by laws to our Board for their comments. Vice President John Hall had some comments for changes that do not appear here. In the final version, his changes will be added for a final vote.


Please feel free to look these over, print them, and see where you see changes need to be made. Please note that the original by-laws include “Procedural Guidelines” that have not been changed at this point. They include:


Processing of Membership Applications (includes a copy of our membership application)


Financial Record Keeping


Reimbursement of Expenses


Assignment of States to Regions


Scheduling of Official Meetings


Cost Reduction Techniques


These guidelines are addressed in the by-laws. But, I will add new verbiage and reinstate them if necessary.


I hope to hear from some you with your concerns and comments. I welcome all input.


Thank you to the Board for their help and thank you for being members of the NAR&BDJS.


Mike Hall, President