Top 50 - 2015 & 2016



1 Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth ( Ft. Meghan Trainor) 1  Dance Tonight   by   Blackwater Rhythm & Blues Band
2 Call My Wife by Linsey Alexander 2  Marvin Gaye   by   Charlie Puth ( Ft. Meghan Trainor)
3 #1 Love by Winzell Kelly 3  Call My Wife   by   Linsey Alexander
4 Dance Tonight by Blackwater Rhythm & Blues Band 4  Run For Cover   by   Sonja Grier
5 Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars 5  Full of Fire   by   Boz Scaggs
6 Patience by Noel Gourdin 6  Cool Breeze   by   Catalinas
7 Bad Mama Jama by Nathaniel Kimble 7  Breakin' News   by   Benny Turner
8 Move by Keb Mo 8  Satisfy My Woman   by   Entertainers
9 Cold Beer Hot Women by Clifford Curry 9  I Ain’t Leaving Mississippi   by   Jaye Hammer
10 A Night Like This by Rev Bubba Deliverance 10  Skirt   by   James Harman
11 Movin' & Groovin' by Phil Wilson 11  Swing It   by   Lomax
12 Sexual Religion by Rod Stewart 12  Shot Of Love   by   Wallstreet
13 Bouncin' Back by Jimbo Durham and Shag Attack  13  Tender Moments   by   Rev Bubba D Liverance
14 I'll Know When The Right One Comes Along by Sonja Grier 14  Down And Dirty Love   by   L'il Red & The Tams
15 Extra Careful by Band Of Oz 15  Can’t Stop the Feeling   by   Justin Timberlake
16 You Gonna Know It by Music Machine 16  I Got To Know   by   Summerdaze Band
17 Down And Dirty Love by L'il Red & The Tams 17  Don't Walk On By   by   Sammy O'Bannion
18 Fell In Love Too Late by Carolina Breakers 18  Think It Over   by   David Cook
19 Take Me Away by Debbie Dobbins 19  Why You Wanna Do That   by   Lomax
20 High Maintenance by Calabash Flash 20  Muddy Waters   by   Daddy Mack Blues Band
21 Stepped Right Out Of My Dreams by Too Much Sylvia 21  Don’t Give Up On Love   by   Maria Howell
22 Love Never Felt So Good by Michael J & Justin T 22  Light Of My Life   by   James Hunter Six
23 Skirt by James Harman 23  True Love   by   Carolina Soul Band
24 Bronx Girl by Just Nuts 24  Too Hot Too Handle   by   Duke Robillard
25 Dancin with My Baby by Miss Rebekkah 25  Oh Honey   by   Jackie Gore & Rhonda McDaniel
26 Get Your Feet On The Floor by Lesa Hudson 26  I Ain't For It   by   Dion
27 Goodbye Train by Grayson Hugh 27  Right Kind Of Woman   by   Andre Lee
28 Turn Down The Lights by Holiday Band 28  Mama’s Drinkin Liquor   by   King Tyrone
29 Satisfy My Woman by Entertainers 29  Eye Of The Beholder   by   Calabash Flash
30 Billie Jean/Poison by Straight No Chaser 30  Your Hearts In Good Hands   by   Band Of Oz
31 Breakin' News by Benny Turner 31  Melodies and Memories   by   Too Much Sylvia
32 Gotta Lotta Love by Summerdaze Band 32  Dog House   by   Donnie Ray
33 Tears Of Love by Jim Quick 33  Take Me Away   by   Debbie Dobbins
34 I Just Want To Satisfy by Steve Owens 34  Crazy Crazy Crazy   by   Jimmy Burns
35 V8 Ford by Eugene Hideaway Bridges 35  Cake By The Ocean   by   DNCE
36 Boy You Better Move On by Etta Britt ft. Delbert 36  Baby Come Back Home   by   Mr. X (Mark Safford)
37 What Else Could It Be by Rev Bubba D Liverance 37  My Girl   by   Andre Lee
38 Between Love Songs by Russell Thompkins Jr. 38  I'll Know (When The Right One Comes Along)  by Sonja Grier
39 Amazingly Amazing by Lesa Hudson 39  So In Love   by   Calabash Flash
40 I Want It All Back by Gary Lowder & Smokin' Hot 40  Love Guess Who   by   Rhonda McDaniel
41 Mr. So And So by Smokehouse 41  New Beginning   by   Rick Strickland
42 No More Pain by Grayson Hugh & Jim Quick 42  Fallin’ So In Love With You   by   Thomas Moore
43 I Will Never Get Used to Sharing You by Band Of Oz 43  Baddest Cat Alive   by   Morry Sochat and the Special 20s
44 Too Much Candy For A Dime by Gary Brown 44  Keep On Shaggin’   by   Calabash Flash
45 Maybe We Can Still Be Friends by Entertainers 45  Let The Good Times Roll   by   B B King & Zuccharo
46 Baby It's Over by Lomax 46  Something Like Olivia   by   Glenn Tippet
47 Love Contract by Musiq Soulchild 47  Be My Baby Tonight   by   Debbie Dobbins
48 Growing Up In Memphis by Tom Dooley 48  I Really Don't Mean It   by   Atlantic Groove
49 Don't Give Up On Love by Maria Howell 49  Your Love Is Such A Wonderful Thing   by   Roy Hamilton
50 Potential Danger by Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne 50  Make You Mine   by   Samuel D Sanders